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Nanyang International

Strings Academy




1 with at least 2 string instruments with or without piano accompaniment. The age of the oldest member will determine the category for the whole group if ensemble chooses to take part in NISA Music Festival (Competition).


2 Subject to availability on a first-come-first-serve basis


3 Applicable for NAFA alumni and current SYT students

Repertoire Preparation & Video Submission


Please read the following below carefully for the different requirements for repertoire choice and its preparation.



Students (individuals, ensembles, and teacher/instructor) are free to work with a faculty member on any work of their choice.  Student must indicate the work that they would like to present in the lesson at time of application and the video of the work for online lesson must be sent by 15 February 2022.

Video Submissions - All Active Participants (Live & Online) will need to submit a video of their performance of the work they will be work on in NISA.


  • For Active Participants (Online), their video will be played at the beginning of the lesson (like a student would play to a teacher at the beginning of the lesson), after which, the faculty member will work with the student for the duration of the lesson. 

  • Active Participants may submit the SAME video for online lesson, Student Concerts (Online), and NISA Music Festival (Online).   Please make sure that these performances are:

    • not more than 8 mins long,

    • with appropriate piano accompaniment (for solo instruments), preferably cutting out long piano/orchestral ritornello/introductions/interludes.

    • complete performances

    • recorded in one take (no editing/splicing)

    • recorded within last 6 months

    • in landscape mode, minimum 720p HD.

  • If you are participating as a Teacher/Instructor, you are encouraged to present a few minutes of your playing, and to speak briefly (on video) as an introduction, and share with us some of the topics you would like to discuss with your Faculty.


**For the video, each piece must be uploaded as a separate file and labelled to indicate the performer, composer, title and movement.  i.e. Maxim TAN - W.A.  Mozart – Concerto in G Major K.283 - Movement 2.mp4

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