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Lectures & Concerts

Nanyang International

Strings Academy

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In addition to the lessons and observations of other classes, all participants will also be able to attend all workshops and lectures conducted by our clinicians.

11.03.2022 (Friday)
Lee Foundation Theatre (NAFA Campus 3)

  • 12pm
    "Fundamental Left and Right Hand Technique for the Violin/Viola"
    Dr TAN Wee Hsin

  • 2pm
    "No Conductors Needed - Making Music Amongst Equals!

    Ensemble Rehearsing and Playing Tricks and Technique”
    Leslie TAN, founding member of T'ANG Quartet

  • 6pm
    “In Conversation”
    with Head of Keyboard Studies, NAFA, Dr Nellie SENG

    "With Strings Attached – A String Player’s Guide to a Violin-Piano Collaboration

12.03.2022 (Saturday)

Lee Foundation Theatre (NAFA Campus 3)

  • 10am
    Bringing Up A Young Musician -
    Supporting Your Child's Musical Journey as a Teacher and a Parent
    Lynette LIM

  • 11am
    "In Conversation"

    with Christoven TAN, Violist

  • 1pm
    "Aural, Visual, or Kinaesthetic”?

    Unleash Your Child’s Highest Musical Potential
    Through Exploring Learning Modalities."
    Dr TANG Tee Tong


  • 4pm
    LIVE via London "Finding Individuality In Your Playing"
    Professor Mark MESSENGER

  • 7.30pm
    ​“NOWNESS" Concert by Christoven TAN, viola

    Request for tickets here.

*The list above is accurate at the time of publication. More lectures/further updates will be made closer to the time of the event.

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