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Nanyang International

Strings Academy

Message - Chairperson

Dearest Friends, Strings Instrumentalists and Music Lovers,

In the very short history of NAFA School Of Music (SOM), the Strings Faculty in NAFA SOM has worked tirelessly to share with our students the love of music, and from which we may derive unspeakable satisfaction of reaping the fruits of countless hours of work and practice, helping our students to reach new heights in technical and musical excellence, to producing a breath-taking phrase or an excellent performance, or even to witness a changed life.  We have also been equally blessed with the privilege to connect with a growing number of musical communities in Singapore as well as regionally with whom we continue to share and strengthen each other through music.

Despite having to face the present pandemic while the world bravely battles the onslaught of isolation, depression, and a host of mental, spiritual, financial and physical challenges, all of us in NAFA SOM were nonetheless comforted by the comradery of our colleagues and students in keeping music alive in each other’s lives.  We were also uplifted and encouraged by the World in it’s music-making, whether young or mature, debutant or seasoned pro, they embraced technology to it’s fullest and continued to connect with each other through Music and propagate the Love of Music, which seems feeds and uplifts the spirit, which brings souls together even though they are separated and threatened by an organism undetectable by a naked eye.

In celebration of the Healing and Uplifting Power of Music, and in Attestation and Affirmation of the Triumph of the Human Spirit in these trying times especially within the Music Communities, it gives me great pleasure to present to you the first Nanyang International Strings Academy (NISA) 2022!

The world now works hard to find normality in this time of great testing.  So it is with the NAFA Strings Faculty in reaching out to you and every String-Lover through NISA 2022, in hope to share with you all that we know so that together we can continue to build and strengthen all who are around us through Music! 

It is our hope that there is something for Everyone in NISA 2022!  Hope to see you very soon!


FOO Say Ming

Head Of Strings
School Of Music
Nanyang Academy Of Fine Arts (NAFA)

FOO Say Ming.jpg

The Nanyang International Strings Academy (NISA) is an annual gathering of like-minded music lovers with the common goal of pursuing a higher standard of music making. Each year, music lovers gather for an intensive 4-days musical experience that offers each participant a place to grow musically in a fun and exciting learning environment. With carefully curated programs to foster deeper musical understanding, NISA aims to create a community comprising of visiting professors, professional artistes, string pedagogues and young string musicians from around the region. The Academy provides opportunities for string students to learn under renowned faculty members from overseas and Singapore. Also, all participants are free to attend other lessons as much can be learnt from the observation itself.

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