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Programme Overview

Nanyang International

Strings Academy

Strings Academy Details


NISA welcomes All Strings Enthusiasts, in Singapore
as well as all our friends in the region,
of All Levels, All Ages, and of All Aspirations,
to join the String Faculty of the Nanyang Academy Of Fine Arts (NAFA)
School Of Music (SOM), in:

The 1st Nanyang International strings Academy (NISA).


If you play the:

Violin, Viola, Cello, Double Bass, Harp or Guitar

If you are part of:

An ensemble of combination(s) the stringed-instruments.

If you are:

A novice at the instrument, or used to be a seasoned player looking for a refresher and inspiration;

If you are:

An established string teacher/instructor searching for some inspiration or in-depth discussions and answers to some of your burning questions;


We warmly welcome you and your colleagues and friends to this very friendly, inclusive, relaxed, yet invigorating Festival where the NAFA String Faculty, together with some of our eminent invited guests, look forward to sharing with you the joy that is enjoying making music on a stringed instrument!

Participation Categories


There are two main participation categories — Observer and Active Participation.


Observer (Online only)


Due to prevailing Covid-19 restrictions, and until such a time when such restrictions will ease, Observers will be sent links to watch all events presented by NISA 2021 – Concerts, Talks, Workshops, Masterclasses and NISA Competition.

Active Participation (Live and Online)

3 Sub-Categories:

  1. Solo Instrumentalists;

  2. Small Ensembles and Chamber Groups:

    • Groups made up of any combinations of:

      Violin, Viola, Cello, Bass, Harp, Guitar. 

      Eg.  Violin Duets, Violin-Piano Duos, String Trios-Quartets, Viola/Cello/Bass Duos/Trios/Quartets, Guitar Duo-Quartets, Harp Ensembles etc

    • Combinations of the above mentioned stringed instruments, and piano.

    • Maximum of 5 persons in a chamber group. 

      Please write in to inquire if you’d like to propose participation of a group of a larger size, or have questions regarding specific combinations.

    • No wind players, please.  (“No strings attached”)

  3. Teacher/Instructor.  

Individual Lessons

Active Participants will get to receive 2 individual 30-minute lessons with any 2 of our NISA faculty of your choice*


* Subject to availability of the faculty and schedule.  NISA will try its best to accommodate your choice, but the final allocation will remain NISA’s discretion and prerogative.

Solo/Group Instrumentalists may work on pieces of their choice during the lesson.


If you applying as a Teacher/Instructor, these lessons may also be used for in-depth discussion with your Faculty on pedagogical issues, advice pertaining to aspects of your own teaching, or any aspect playing, teaching and the repertoire you have prepared. 

Talks, Lectures, Masterclasses, and Special Events


All Active Participants will have access and are encouraged to attend all Talks, Masterclasses, Workshops, Concerts, and Competition.  Individual classes are also available for Active Participants to observe.

Additional Lessons (optional)

In addition of the 2 individual lessons with NISA faculty members, Participants may choose to add on additional lessons for a fee, subject to availability. 


*Please note that choice of faculty is not guaranteed as time slots are limited due to time zone difference. The committee will try to accede to all participants’ requests; should the faculty member of choice not be available, the committee will assign the participant another faculty member based on the repertoire and performance style presented in the video submitted.


Full details, together with the event schedule will be issued after all applications have been processed.

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