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NISA Music Festival
(Add-on / Optional Activities for Academy Active Participants)

Nanyang International

Strings Academy

Thantakorn Lakanasirorat - photo credit Yong Junyi.jpg

Student Concert | Live / Online

Students will be able to opt in to “perform” in a number of concerts to be broadcasted through official NISA. Students will then be able to showcase what they have worked on during NISA and share their music with an appreciative audience.

Active Participants (Live) will have a chance to opt-in to perform in one or more of the Students Concerts organised on campus.  These concerts will be streamed live through official NISA platforms. 


Active Participants (Online) will have a chance to opt-in for our Student Concert during which your video performance will be broadcasted through official NISA platforms.

**Online Participants may use the same video submission for the NISA to be showcased in the Digital Student Concerts.  These video submissions will need to meet certain technical and music requirements for as described in the following sections.

Competition | Live / Online

Participants may choose to join the NISA competition, where they will play their work of choice to the esteemed jury panel - our members of the NISA faculty. This year, participants may choose to submit a video, or if in Singapore, play to our local faculty live in the Lee Foundation Theatre. Participants will receive written comments from the jury panel and Gold, Silver or Bronze certificates based on a points award system.

Active Participants (Live) will have the option to take part in the friendly Academy competition held on the closing day of the Academy where their performance before a live audience will also be assessed by a panel of esteemed Jury.

Active Participants (Online) will also be able to to opt-in to submit their competition video recording where their video performances will be showcased for the public, and assessed by the panel of esteemed Jury. 

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